Early psychosis… how can I help? The role of general practitioners in early intervention

By David Shiers, Musa Sami Saqib Latif, Sagnik Bhattacharyya. The provision of early intervention in psychosis by community-based mental health services has transformed the experiences and outlook of people with emerging psychosis and their families. However, timely access to these services hinges on identification and referral by practitioners working in non-specialist service settings such as primary care and hospital accident units.  Early identification of psychosis and referral behavi...

Latin America gets together for Early Intervention

Early Intervention in Psychosis
By Drs. Ary Gadelha, Graccielle Cunha and Rodrigo Bressan. The first Latin-American symposium focusing on early intervention and prevention in psychiatry was held on September 22nd and 23rd, 2017. Hosted in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the symposium was the largest such event ever held in Latin America, with over 300 attendees participating in a series of oral presentations and round-table discussions over the two days. The following is a recap of the event. Day one commenced with the presentation o...

Is early intervention research stuck in its psychosis prediction paradigm?

By Peter B. Jones, IEPA President. As President, my aim is to grow our organisation, IEPA Early Intervention in Mental Health, in four ways. These are reflected in our name and include: Broadening our influence on mental health beyond psychosis Making IEPA even more international Strengthening the contribution of consumers to our evidence-based approach Improving our communication and reach In this post, I address how we might broaden the influence of early intervention, look...