International Physical Health in Youth Stream (iphYs)

The International Physical Health in Youth Stream (iphYs) collaboration began in 2010 at the IEPA conference in Amsterdam.

iphYs is a group of clinicians, service users, family members and researchers from more than eleven countries who joined forces to develop an international consensus statement in 2013 on improving the physical health of young people with psychosis.

The statement, called Healthy Active Lives (HeAL), aims to reverse the trend of people with severe mental illness dying early by tackling risks for future physical illnesses through a prevention and early intervention approach.

HeAL is relevant to practice and calls for evidence-based physical health interventions to be provided pro-actively and right from the start for young people experiencing psychosis for the first time.

HeAL offers a way that clinicians, consumers, families and other interested collaborators can advocate for evidence-based services. Download PDF.

To find out more about HeAL you can join the iphYs email list by contacting Dr Jackie Curtis at or Dr David Shiers david.shiers@doctors.