July 12, 2018

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11th International Conference on Early Intervention in Mental Health

The IEPA 11th International Conference on Early Intervention in Mental Health brings together leading mental health scientists and clinicians from around the world to uncover the latest research in bio-psycho-social interventions for people at risk of or in the early stages of experiencing mental ill health.


IEPA 11’s theme is ‘Prevention and Intervention: Broadening the Scope’, representing a widening of our focus to a full range of early interventions in mental health, not just psychotic disorders.

The 11th International Conference on Early Intervention in Mental Health will be held in Boston, 7th-10th October 2018.


  • Regular registration closes 5th September 2018.
  • Massachusetts residents are able to access a special discounted rate.

Program and Speakers

Hear our speakers address the following topics over the three-day event:

  • John M. Kane, MD Senior Vice President for Behavioral Health Services, Northwell Health; Professor and Chairman, Psychiatry, The Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine; Chairman of Psychiatry, The Zucker Hillside Hospital
    • Lessons Learned from RAISE-ETP and Strategies to Reduce DUP
  • Takao Hensch Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology and Professor of Neurology, Harvard University
    • Mechanisms underlying critical periods of brain development: Implications for psychiatric disorders
  • Helen Fisher Senior Lecturer, Social Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London – @HelenLFisher
    • “What Makes Trauma Traumatic… and for whom?” Evidence from longitudinal studies
  • Mario Alvarez-Jimenez Head of E-Health, Orygen The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health
    • Using Online Social Media to Foster Long-term Recovery in Youth Mental Health
  • Sarah-Jayne Blakemore Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London and author of Inventing Ourselves: The secret life of the teenage brain. You can watch Blakemore’s TED talk on the mysterious workings of the adolescent brain.
    • Adolescence Social Cognition and Development – @sjblakemore
  • Ed Bullmore Head of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge and author of The Inflamed Mind: A radical new approach to depression, which was reviewed in Nature.
    • Sculpting the teenage brain – neuroscience and behavior – @edbullmore
  • Nev Jones Assistant Professor, Department of Mental Health Law & Policy, University of South Florida & Clinical Assistant Professor, Yale University School of Medicine, Program for Recovery and Community Health (PRCH) – @viscidula
    • Beyond the Clinic: Re-imagining Early Intervention through the Lens of Structural Competency and Co-Production
  • Inez Myin-GermeysProfessor of Psychiatry, Center for Contextual Psychiatry, Research group Psychiatry, KU Leuven – @InezGermeys
    • Emerging psychosis in daily life: momentary assessment and intervention
  • Steven E. Hyman Director, Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research, Harvard Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Broad Institute
    • Clues From Genomics: Towards New Approaches to Prevention

View the full program or take a virtual tour of past IEPA conferences.

CE Accreditation

IEPA 11 and The Continuing Education Program at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center offers Continuing Education Units for Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers and Nurses attending the Plenary and Symposium Sessions. There are a total of 17 continuing education hours.

The certificate fee is $50 and is only available to attendees in the United States in the following professions: Psychologists, Counsellors, Social Workers or Nurses.

U.S. attendees requesting proof of credit must purchase the certificate no later than 5th September 2018 and provide answers to a survey immediately following the event. Certificates will be emailed within 30 days of the survey.

IEPA will provide Certificates of Attendance immediately following the event to everybody who registers and checks in at the conference in Boston. There is no fee for the Certificate of Attendance at IEPA 11.


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