Need Adapted Care for Psychosis – the Power of Human Interaction

Date: 5-8 June 2024

Location: Dipoli, Aalto University, Helsinki Metropolitan Area, City of Espoo, Helsinki, Finland


Welcome to the 23rd International Conference the ISPS (International Society for the Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis). The conference title honors the late Yrjö Alanen’s work on developing the Need Adapted approach. Our aim is to raise awareness of the possibilities psychological and social approaches offer – for clinicians of various professions in collaboration with family caregivers and the people who have had these experiences themselves. Plenary Speakers include: Jukka Aaltonen, David van den Berg, Claire Bien, Philippe Conus, Francoise Davoine, Catherine Eubanks, Mia Kurtti, Mary Leamy, Russell Razzaque, Klaus Lehtinen, Norman Sartorius, Alan Simpson and Jaakko Seikkula. An important part of the ISPS conferences is to meet participants from around the world and share experiences. We expect over 400 participants. The call for abstracts is open – submit by 30th November 2023. Welcome to the land of the midnight sun!