International First Episode Vocational Recovery (iFEVR)

The International First Episode Vocational Recovery (iFEVR) group is a group of clinicians, researchers, economists and policy makers from several countries.

In 2008 they developed an international consensus statement called Meaningful Lives: Supporting young people with psychosis in education, training and employment. The statement is a basic statement of the rights of young people with psychosis to pursue employment, education and training, the evidence which exists about interventions to help them do this, and ways in which individuals, organisations and governments can assist the attainment of these ends.

The statement is relevant to practice with young people with first episode and early psychosis who are seeking to reconnect – or stay connected – with employment, education or training. It calls for evidence-based interventions to assist them with these goals.

The document summarises the evidence that is available in terms of vocational interventions for young people with first episode psychosis. It is hoped that the document will be a means by which clinicians, consumers and other interested parties will be better able to advocate for evidence-based services. Download PDF.

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