March 14, 2024

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Postdoctoral Fellow

Currently we are running a number of protocols with typically developing, prodromal syndrome and early psychosis populations focusing on biomarker, treatment, and scale development. We are also collaborating with the Shankman Lab (Northwestern Psychiatry) on protocols focusing on depression. Join our team and be involved with collecting and writing up data from any and all of these great and innovative multimodal studies. The lab utilizes numerous cutting-edge approaches and there are opportunities to continuing to develop expertise or to learn new skills. Please see our website for more details:

The successful applicant will join Vijay Mittal and an active research team and will be responsible for designing experiments, analyzing and processing data, and publishing/presenting findings. There will also be ample opportunities for advanced training (Northwestern has a number of in-depth training opportunities, covering a range of methodological and quantitative methods), collaborations (benefit from a number of active ADAPT lab collaborations), building mentorship experience (learning to direct and supervise research and career development for graduate students), and developing an independent research program. Significant attention will be placed on career development (e.g., regular conference attendance/participation, training in grant writing, peer review, mentorship, teaching, presentations/job-talks etc.) This is an ideal position for someone interested in preparing for a tenure-track job. A significant number of prior ADAPT lab trainees have moved on to running their own labs in prestigious programs.

Closing date: August 8th 2024

Organisation: NorthWestern University


How to Apply:

For questions or to submit an application, please contact Vijay Mittal ( Applicants should send a C.V. and a brief letter describing interests and prior experience (a short selection of exemplar publications are welcome as well). Salary is based on the NIMH Post-doctoral scale.

Contact:  Vijay Mittal –