Michio Suzuki

Michio Suzuki is Professor of Psychiatry at University of Toyama, Japan.
I have long been working on treating mentally ill patients as a psychiatrist. I have had consistent interest in early detection and early intervention for psychiatric disorders. Since I was admitted to membership in the IEPA in 2008, I have been an active member. I worked as a member of the Organising Committee for IEPA 9, the 2014 International Conference in Tokyo, and I am currently a member of the Scientific Committee of IEPA 11 in Boston.
In research, I have been involved in biological studies in psychotic disorders, a main focus of which is elucidating structural and functional brain alterations underlying psychosis development.
Early intervention for psychiatric disorders has been establishing an important paradigm shift in world psychiatry. A big wave of early intervention has already reached Asia. It has produced remarkable progress in research and mental health reform in several Asian countries including Hong-Kong, Singapore, Korea, Japan, etc. Specifically to Japan however, the number of psychiatric professionals working in this field is relatively small and implementations of the early intervention service are limited.
As an IEPA board member, I will widen my experience through the academic activities and cutting-edge knowledge of this field and make use of it not only for further development of the association but for international mental health promotion especially in Asia including Japan.