Eoin Killackey, D. Psych

Professor Eóin Killackey is Director of Research at Orygen and Head, Functional Recovery Research in Youth Mental Health at Orygen and the Centre for Youth Mental Health at The University of Melbourne. He completed his doctorate at Deakin University in 2000.

Eóin has worked as a clinical psychologist in adolescent and adult public mental health settings and in private practice. His research is primarily in functional recovery for young people with mental illness. He is also interested in evidence-based interventions in mental health and barriers to their implementation. He is a founder of the International First Episode Vocational Recovery group.

Eóin’s work has been recognised by the Australasian Society for Psychiatric Research’s Schering-Plough Organon Prize, Australian Rotary Health’s Knowledge Dissemination Award and the Society for Mental Health Research Oration Award. He has been named by Deakin University as an Alumnus of the Year.