July 30, 2019

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Last month Early Intervention in Psychiatry released the Top 20 most downloaded articles of 2018. The list is made up of the top papers from approximately March 2018-March 2019 on a range of topics.  In recognition, we have a created a collection of these highly engaging papers here for you.

Congratulations to all the authors!

Top 20 2018:

Age at onset and the outcomes of schizophrenia: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Adjunctive nutrients in first-episode psychosis: A systematic review of efficacy, tolerability and neurobiological mechanisms

Australia’s innovation in youth mental health care: The headspace centre model

Exploring opportunities to support mental health care using social media: A survey of social media users with mental illness

A systematic review and meta-analysis of mental health service use in people who report psychotic experiences

Canadian response to need for transformation of youth mental health services: ACCESS Open Minds (Esprits ouverts)

Psychosis risk screening in different populations using the Prodromal Questionnaire: A systematic review

Enhancing prevention and intervention for youth concurrent mental health and substance use disorders: The Research and Action for Teens study

Physical activity and exercise as a universal depression prevention in young people: A narrative review

Aerobic exercise in depressed youth: A feasibility and clinical outcomes pilot

Providing culturally informed mental health services to Aboriginal youth: The YouthLink model in Western Australia

Barriers and facilitators to implementing family support and education in Early Psychosis Intervention programmes: A systematic review

Attenuated psychotic symptom interventions in youth at risk of psychosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis

A call for prevention and early intervention in obsessive-compulsive disorder

Case management in early psychosis intervention programme: Perspectives of clients and caregivers

Family intervention for caregivers of people with recent-onset psychosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Negative symptoms of psychosis: A life course approach and implications for prevention and treatment

Cost-effectiveness of early intervention services for psychosis and fidelity to national policy implementation guidance

Staged Treatment in Early Psychosis: A sequential multiple assignment randomised trial of interventions for ultra high risk of psychosis patients

Effectiveness of information and communication technologies interventions to increase mental health literacy: A systematic review

Essential ingredients of engagement when working alongside people after their first episode of psychosis: A qualitative meta-synthesis

Negotiating the boundaries of psychosis: A qualitative study of the service provider perspective on treatment delay in community mental health

Paliperidone palmitate once-every-3-months in adults with early illness schizophrenia

Early intervention in psychosis: From clinical intervention to health system implementation