October 25, 2022

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We wish to advise nominations have closed for the IEPA 2022 Elections and voting will commence 2nd November, 2022.

As per the Rules of Incorporation should only one nominee be received for a position, the nominated candidate will take up that position.  We wish to advise we have only received one nomination for President Elect, Vice President Europe, Vice President Lived Experience Research and Vice President North America.  We therefore congratulate the following for being elected to their positions which commence 1st January, 2023.

  • Prof Philippe Conus, President Elect
  • Assoc Prof Maria Michail, Vice President Europe
  • Ms Shannon Pagdon, Vice President Lived Experience Research
  • Dr Kate Hardy, Vice President North America

For the vacant positions of Ordinary Member, this has now increased to 4, with an additional vacancy occurring due to Dr Kate Hardy taking up the position of Vice President North America and having 2 years left to serve as Ordinary Member.


  • Dr Connor Adams (USA)
  • Assoc Prof June Brown (UK)
  • Dr James Kean (Australia)
  • Prof Takahiro Nemonto (Japan)
  • Dr Stefania Tognin (UK)

The election process will begin on 2nd November and will be managed by TrueVote who will send all members an email, with a link and instructions on how to vote.  Please look out for these emails.

Please note you will require your IEPA membership number to vote.  You can look up your number on the membership lookup on the IEPA website.  If you are unable to find your number please email membership@iepa.org.au for assistance.  If you wish to pass on your vote to an IEPA Board member please complete the Proxy Form 2022 and email to election2022@iepa.org.au by 1st November, 2022

Please do not hesitate to contact Debby Mitchell via email election2022@iepa.org.au should you have any questions regarding this process.