October 29, 2019

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Research Institution Name: Yale University School of Medicine

Research Institution Website: https://medicine.yale.edu/profile/albert_powers/

Project Website: https://www.spirit.research.yale.edu/

Contact Name: Dr. Albert Powers

Contact Email: albert.powers@yale.edu

Closing Date: 14/09/2020

Recruiting Participants: Yes, worldwide


Project Details:

Participants may visit the COPE Project’s website to obtain information about the project and consent to participate. Surveys will then be completed online. Qualified participants will have the opportunity to share information about their voice-hearing experiences, their ability to influence those experiences, and aspects of their lives that affect that influence. Perceptual tests will also be administered. Additional surveys will include opportunities for participants to share their voice-hearing experiences more fully either on video or through an audio recording as well as to provide information on daily stress, spiritual and religious beliefs, sleep habits, attitudes toward certain life experiences, and personality traits.



IEPA Early Intervention in Mental Health is not responsible for ethical approval or any other research governance associated with this project.