Philippe Conus

Philippe Conus was born and trained in Lausanne, first as an internal medicine specialist and then as a psychiatrist. After 3 years of training, he focused his interest on schizophrenia and psychosis and moved to Melbourne where he has worked as a consultant psychiatrist and clinical researcher between 2000 and 2003.
Besides clinical duties at EPPIC and PACE, Philippe has conducted, in collaboration with Martin Lambert, a large file audit study on first episode psychosis patients (FEPOS). Philippe has also developed a specialised program for first episode mania patients in the frame of which he conducted various research projects (medication, psychological intervention, prodromal phase of mania).
Since returning to Lausanne, Switzerland in 2003, Philippe has launched an early intervention program (TIPP) where more than 600 early psychosis patients have so far been treated. He has also developed a research program where he explores both clinical, epidemiological and neurobiological research questions, the latter in close collaboration with the lab of Professor Kim Do of the Centre of Psychiatric Neuroscience of our Department.
In 2011 Philippe was appointed as full Professor at the University of Lausanne and is head of the service of General Psychiatry as well as deputy head of the Department of Psychiatry. He is also president of SWEPP, the Swiss Early Psychosis Project, that was launched in 1998.