Naeem Dalal, MD, BScHB, MBChB, MMED Psychiatry

Naeem is leading grassroots to system level change around mental health. He has a track record of impact as a Zambian youth mentor, mental health expert, psychiatry registrar at University Teaching Hospitals, and public health chairperson of the Zambia Medical Association.
He is an alumini of the International Brain Research Organization and fosters research skills in youth as the Mentorship Director of the Young Emerging Scientists in Zambia. He is an active Global Shaper: World Economic Forum, representing low-resource settings by changing the perspective of brain health coupling awareness and acceptance. Currently serving on the global advisory council of Orygen Global. Naeem has extensive experience in inclusion of early interventions in mental health having incorporated and supported global health organizations such as WHO, UNICEF and USAID regional cooperating projects in sub-Saharan Africa tailored to youth mental health and marginalized groups. In supporting the COVID-19 response in Africa through support of First Aid Africa, he curated and developed a locally tailored Basic Psychological first aid course on a free humanitarian domain.
Dr Dalal has worked with WHO-Africa and CDC-Africa as a frequent expert and offers advisory on regional mental health. Founder of a mental health community called Ganizo Initiative which is redefining mental health disorders at grassroots using culture sensitive dialogue. He is a staff development fellow at the University of Zambia delivering lecture series on the neuroscience of psychiatric disorders and currently serving as an interim board member of the Healthy Global Brain Initiative whose mission is to improve neurological and mental health problems by financing breakthroughs, incorporating lived experience and driving a new global model of collaborative research in brain health. Dr Dalal has been awarded globally and locally for his work in mental health.