Philippe Conus, MD

Philippe is Professor of Psychiatry at Lausanne University, Switzerland. He first specialized in internal medicine before training in psychiatry where he developed a particular interest for schizophrenia. From 2000 to 2003, he worked at EPPIC in Melbourne, where he worked as a clinician and conducted the FEPOS study with Prof Martin Lambert, based on a cohort of 700 first episode psychosis patients treated at EPPIC between 1998 and 2000. He also developed a specific focus on the early phase of bipolar disorder and affective psychoses, exploring both treatment of first episode mania and the concept of prodrome to first episode mania.

Philippe returned to Switzerland in 2003 and started the TIPP (Treatment and early Intervention in Psychosis Program) in Lausanne, a 3-years early intervention program that has treated close to 1000 first episode psychosis patients over the years. Since 2014 they also have an ARMS program included in TIPP. In this context, Philippe has explored determinants of outcome and tried to identify patients with specific treatment needs. He also implemented a translational research lab, in collaboration with Prof Kim Do and the Center of Psychiatric Neuroscience in Lausanne, focusing on the role of redox dysregulation in psychosis and on the impact of N-acetyl-cystein in the early phase of psychosis.

In 2017, along with Prof Amal Abdel-Baki from Quebec and Prof Marie-Odile Krebs from Paris, Philippe launched the French-speaking branch of IEPA, which holds a yearly online congress focused on clinical strategies for early intervention.