July 8, 2020

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IEPA 2020 Board Elections

Six positions of the IEPA Board will become vacant as at 1st January, 2021. These positions are:

President Elect
Vice President Asia Pacific
Ordinary Member x 3

Although the nominated candidates will officially take up their positions 1st January, 2021 due to the unusual circumstances we are facing the with the impact of COVID-19 newly elected members may overlap and attend meetings later this year with current members.

As per the Rules of Incorporation, candidates must be nominated by two members of the IEPA and endorsed by the candidate on this Nomination Form.  You can nominate someone for more than one position, e.g. nominate someone for both president Elect and/or Vice President/Ordinary board member however a separate Nomination Form must be used for each position nominated. You can nominate someone already in that position.

It is your responsibility to ensure your Nomination Form is correctly and fully completed and emailed to election2020@iepa.org.au by 31st July, 2020.  If it is not completed correctly or arrives after 31st July, 2020 it will not be considered regardless of the circumstances. Details of candidates will be available on our website www.iepa.org.au when available.

Please contact the IEPA office via email election2020@iepa.org.au should you have any questions regarding this process.