June 29, 2020

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IEPA 14 – Bids for 2024 IEPA Early Intervention in Mental Health Conference

We are currently accepting bids from IEPA members for the 2024 IEPA Early Intervention in Mental Health Conference.  At this stage rather than prepare a formal bid we ask that you prepare a preliminary proposal (only 2-3 pages) including the following information.

Host City:

Please describe the location from a global perspective.  Why it makes the ideal location for a conference including anticipated local and international delegate attendance.  How easy this city is to access.

Proposed Venues:

Information detailing the range of venues available that could accommodate the Conference and their services and facilities each can provide will be helpful, detailing spaces for large Plenary sessions as well as for seminars and poster sessions.

In addition to this please comment on previous experience you have of events you have attended or hosted in the proposed venues.

Proposed Accommodation:

Details on the range of accommodation options, what your local accommodation rating systems are, an indication of pricing for different options and types would be informative.

A map or chart showing the range and type of accommodation options located in close proximity to proposed venues would also be helpful.

Local Organising Committee:

Is there a group of people who can collaborate and together increase the possibilities of a large attendance?  We would like to encourage you to think about including academics, clinicians, people with lived experiences, carers and policy makers.

Conference Dates:

When you would anticipate the conference would be held.

Post COVID-19 Support:

Details of any government schemes proposed by your city/state/national government to support conferences post COVID-19.

Submission Date:

We would appreciate receiving your proposal via email to IEPA14@iepa.org.au by 31st August, 2020.